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Return to Beach Wrestling in Barbados

July 15, 2022
The Barbados Wrestling Association held its “Return to Beach Wrestling” event at Brandon’s Beach on Sunday, July 10, 2022.

It was a collaboration between the National Federation and Rascals Barbados - a blend of live music, beach wrestling, excellent weather, food, and people. Beach Wrestling is the fastest growing sport in the United World Wrestling World Body development sports program.

The first in a series of events attracted athletes between the ages of 5 and 53 years. The event kicked off with the U6 open brackets with Adam Jordan Brandford of St. Gabriel’s School winning the gold. In the U14 Open, Kamar Williams defeated the skilful Zachary Maynard to go home with the gold medal. Williams also participated in the U15 B-class, however, he met stiff competition from the St. Leonard’s School boy Ayden Williams to go down 4-1. Ayden is known for his strong defence tactics and counters, which the younger Kamar was finding difficult to adapt his game plan.

Top local Payne Wrestling Club junior wrestlers Kodi Marshall of Queen’s College and Adrian Maynard of Alleyne’s School opted to compete with the seniors in the Men 80 Kg division which included reigning national beach wrestling 70kg champion Lemar Tull of Kime-Kan Wrestling Club.

In their round 1 match, Tull proved to the younger Maynard why he is reigning, defending “King of the Sand” by taking the lead with two quick one (1) point takedowns to take a 2-0 lead. Maynard who is the U17 Pan American Greco-Roman 80kg bronze medalist, was able to take the “King” to the sand for one point, and in the final 10 seconds of the 3-minute match he executed his signature high- altitude move – the Supplex – to win the match 4-2.

Kodi Marshall took his on his teammate, the crafty Deshon Skeete and set a fast pace match that taxed Skeete’s condition in the dead sand to defeat him 4-2. “King” Tull routed the tired Skeete in their vying for 3rd place, 3-0.

Maynard and Marshall tee-off in the finals – Maynard was able to drop another superb takedown for 3 points to defeat Marshall 4-1 within the time limit. The new “Sand King” Adrian Maynard took the “Move of the Day” award which was presented by the CEO of Rascals Barbados, Mr. Robert Myers.

Return to Beach Wrestling event in Barbados
Return to Beach Wrestling event in Barbados

In the Men, 90kg Group 1 – Robert Williams of Panda Dojo Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sweden used his experienced ring management skills to score 3 push-outs in a hard-fought match with Thomas Ridgeon to take the gold.

Former king of the 80kg weight division Francois Jones of Kime Kan Wrestling Club move up in weight to the 90kg division and had the fastest win in the division by defeating Odain Jackman of Fight Hub club with a 3-pointer takedown within the first 15 seconds of their match.

The local organizing committee of the Barbados Wrestling Association takes this opportunity to thank the management of Rascals Barbados, National Conservation Commission, Fight Hub, Payne’s Wrestling Club, Kime Kan Wrestling Club, Panda Dojo, and Dragon Combat System.

U6 Open
1- Adam Jordan Branford

2- Noah Jordan Branford
3- Sammyra Payne

U14 Open
1- Kamar Williams
2- Zachary Payne
3-  Monica Maria Payne

U15 Open
1- Ayden Williams

2- Kamar Williams

80Kg Open
1- Adrian Maynard

2-Kodi Belgrave
3- Lemar Tull
4- Deshon Skeete

90Kg Group 1
1- Robert Williams

2- Thomas Ridgeon

90kg Group 2
1-Francois Jones

2- Odain Jackman

This article was contributed by the Barbados Wrestling Association. 

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